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Bontrager R3 Road TLR Hard-Case Lite in Multiple Sizes




Diving into corners. Hammering climbs. City-line sprints. Speed is your thing and you need tires that can handle those demands. The R3 boasts a 120 tpi casing for supple handling and great rolling resistance. Hard-Case Lite protection keeps you riding instead of changing flats, while Aero Wings slice the wind offering a little more free speed.


  • Advanced tread profile and texture gives low rolling resistance with excellent cornering grip
  • Aero wings - Unique bead profile closes the gap between rim and tyre for improved aerodynamics
  • Hard-Case Lite - Lightweight sub-tread material protects against punctures
  • TLR tyre engineered for use with TLR sealant for worry-free set up and puncture protection


      Hard-Case Lite

      Bontrager's first and lightest weight line of defense features a belt (or co-extrusion) directly under the tread, preventing glass and stone from penetrating the tread and puncturing the tube. We vary the thickness and material according to intended use, minimizing weight penalty.



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