• Exposure CR123 Batteries Pair (Disposable & Rechargeable)
  • Exposure CR123 Batteries Pair (Disposable & Rechargeable)

Exposure CR123 Batteries Pair (Disposable & Rechargeable)




These batteries are for use with Exposure Lights Spark, Flash and Flare.


Lithium Ion Battery Care RCR123A and CR123RA batteries should not be used if damaged in any way. Dropping the batteries can cause internal damage to the cell which may not be apparent. Do not use the batteries again if this occurs, dispose of them responsibly and replace.

Battery safety.


Batteries electrical connections (also called contacts or terminals,) must be protected from contact with metal or other batteries. Contact may cause the battery to short circuit leading to heat generation rupture or leakage.


To care for your batteries follow these steps:


·         Keep batteries in their original packaging until use. This packaging is specifically designed to protect batteries during transportation.

·         If original packaging is removed, tape over the electrical connections (contacts or terminals). Electrical tape is good for this. Other non-metallic tapes will work. Placing each battery in its own individual plastic bag also will isolate the battery's terminals.

·         Read the instructions on your device before installing batteries, inserting the battery as indicated.

·         If not in use batteries should be stored in a cool dry place.

·         Do not carry loose batteries in a pocket or bag with metal objects such as coins.

·         Do not recharge a battery unless it is specifically marked "rechargeable."

·         Dispose of battery’s at your local recycling point.



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